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My Story

My Story

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I came to this great nation as a young child with the immigrant dreams of my Father and his love for America. It is through his dreams that I've set my own path to be the best citizen, neighbor, and caretaker of our beloved Mason County.

My father survived the burning of Manila during World War II. Although he rarely spoke about the war, he often imparted stories about the kindness and the generosity bestowed by the American G.I. It is this kindness and generosity that have become pillars in my mission to bring the best and to serve the people of Mason County.

Even now, in our troubled times, I still believe in our American system of Democracy, the American Dream, and the American Way. I still believe in the ballot and NOT the bullet.  Like Martin Luther King, Jr., I still believe that we must forever conduct our struggle with dignity and discipline. I still believe that we must rise up and meet physical force with Soul Force. I still believe that our destiny and freedom are bound to each other in a circle and in a hoop that never ends.

I love this country and this county. Last year I asked you to embrace the idea of being a good neighbor. Thank you for listening.

This year, I come to you full of gratitude, thankfulness, and purpose.  We will build a better tomorrow together.

May blessings be upon you and may the Soul Force be with you, always.

Miguel Gutierrez

City of Shelton

Councilmember seat #7 

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Elected Experience

I am a council member for the City of Shelton, seat #7.


Professional Experience

Teaching Special Education taught me more about humanity than anything else. 
I wrote grant proposals for the Conservation Corps.  I trained and managed volunteers for AmeriCorps. I developed a "Leave No Trace" camping program.



I earned a B.A. in Political Science in American and Comparative Government. 
I studied Political Philosophy in Graduate School.  I acquired a special education credential for Severely Emotionally Disturbed youth.


Community Service

I coordinated Red Cross disaster relief drills. I was a member of the San Jose Mayor's Gang Prevention Task Force. I am a community gardener. I am a "boots on the ground" volunteer at Community Lifeline.


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