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Earn this.

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Remember when Tom Hank's character told Private Ryan to "earn this!" I honor this notion and this nation by practicing Democracy.

How will you, "earn this"?

Vote. Organize. Talk to your neighbors. Listen to what ails them. Seek truth (not punchlines). March. Volunteer. Spread random acts of kindness. Tip well. Say, "have a nice day" and mean it. Shop Locally. Turn your weapons into ploughshares and sow the seeds of peace. Be the Change. Remember that it is the system that is broken but WE are not broken.

The sacrifice of our fathers will not be in vain. I still believe that tomorrow can be better. I still believe in the dreams of my father and I honor him and all my family by humbly asking that you consider choosing Miguel for Mason County Commissioner, district 3, in the great state of Washington, in the great country of the United States in this place we call home, mother earth.

May blessings be showered upon you and the light of truth shine upon us all.

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